Can You Watch Movies For Free Online Anymore?

Let’s set the scene: It’s Friday night. Here you are on the couch, a big bowl of buttered popcorn in your lap, your significant other draped across your lap, as you prepare to enjoy a relaxing evening of free entertainment. You pull up your favorite free movie site – only to find that it’s been taken down! You search through your old free movie site alternatives and find nothing but disappointment, failure, and grainy tv.

This experience is all too common in today’s money-driven world, and it must beget the question: it is even possible to watch movies for free online? At 123movies, the answer is yes!

Why Free Movies?

Watching free movies online is good for poor folks, frugal folks, and folks tired of paying into Hollywood’s mile-deep coffers. Free movie sites are also good for those who rarely, if ever, watch the same movie more than once a year.

What’s The Catch?

Many free movie sites are not truly “free” – some require signup for a 30 day free trial with a credit card to charge after; some bombard your experience and screen with dozens of sketchy advertisements; and some download malware and viruses onto your system. Others may be free, but offer only old movies, grainy shoot-from-home copies, or new films in low-resolution formats only. It’s possible to watch new movies for free online with limited struggle, but you have to know where to look to truly have a positive experience. Free movie sites are good for people of all ages, financial statuses, and backgrounds – and 123movies is here to provide you with the titles you need to kick your Friday night off right. With high-resolution streaming at the fastest possible speeds, the latest movies uploaded regularly, and a clutter-free interface, this is the free movie site you didn’t know you were missing out on.